Welcome to People® May 2021 Release!

As People® believes in providing you a great user experience and as we promised, here we are with an exciting release for May 2021!

1. Miscellaneous enhancements around authorization rules:

Option to set a rule to auto-approve/decline the request after X days of a request.

Separate option added to add target employee’s manager/additional manager as part of approver list.

2. Salary Structure:

New option added to create salary templates based on gross salary, in addition to the existing option of CTC amount.

3. Miscellaneous enhancements around assignments:

Status and Start/End dates added for the task.

Option to define estimated hours for each task when a resource is allocated to the task.

4. Monthly Attendance Reports:

Miscellaneous enhancements on the Monthly Attendance Summary and Daily reports to include more relevant data.

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Here we are with People® April 2021 Release!

For you to have a superb experience, People® brings to you the release for April 2021!

Timesheet & Assignments:

 Miscellaneous enhancements around assignments:

– Admins can submit the assignments on behalf of employees who have left already.

Earned Leave and other event requests:

 Miscellaneous enhancements around Leave Authorization:

– A filter has been added for different leave types when viewing the pending leaves requests.

– Managers can see Files uploaded as part of other event requests before approving/declining the request.

– Email notification enhancements when leaves are approved,  amended or removed by a manager or HR.


Miscellaneous enhancements on the Monthly Attendance Summary and Daily reports to include more relevant data.

Stay tuned for the next release and feel free to contact us by clicking on the link below!


Get ready for an exciting release for March 2021!

As we promised to offer you a system that is super exciting and easy to operate, we, People®, present to you an interesting release for March 2021!

1. PDF Reports:

New PDF export added for Monthly summary report.

2. Leave Encashment:

Leave encashment options enhanced for yearly leave encashment of employees.

3. TDS Document Upload Restriction:

TDS document upload option for employees can now be restricted based on settings.

4. Discard / Revise Payroll:

Provision to make edits to already processed payroll or discard the payroll completely.

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Welcome to People® Feb 2021 Release!

We believe that you should always have a superb experience while using People®! Hence, here we are with a brand new release for Feb 2021!

New Settings for Company Planner:

A new option has been added for Employee and Manager access to view only their own events!

TDS Declaration & Documents Download:

An option to download declarations and TDS documents has been added under the TDS Declaration section!


Expense Line details are updated!

  1. There will now be the ability to attach up to 5 Receipts to one Expense line detail.
  2. The Managed list option for the ‘Client’ and ‘Merchant’ fields within the Expenses module can now be managed by a system admin.

A lot of the enhancements that we have made are to reduce the actions and steps when completing system tasks and to give the Admin more control over key features.

Stay tuned for the next release and feel free to contact us by clicking on the link below!


Here we are with an exciting release for January 2021!

We thought of starting 2021 with some exciting updates for you. Hence, here we are with an exciting release for January 2021!

1) Salary Slip:

An option to show the cumulative total has been added.

2) Graphical Addition on Planner:

Now you can see the other entitlement information directly on the Planner screen.

3) Bulk SMS:

An option has been added to send bulk SMS to your employees. Connect with the account manager if you have an SMS integration requirement so that they can explain the process.

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Here we are with our December 2020 release!

We at People® decided to end 2020 on a very interesting note. Hence, we present to you our December 2020 release with interesting updates and on the Finance module!

New roles (View, Generate Payroll) have been added for the Finance module to make your actions go smooth!

Let’s check the new set of Registers added under Payroll documents:

PF Register

ESIC Register

PT Register

TDS Register

LWF Register

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Our November 2020 release is out with more fun updates for you!

As it’s Diwali time, we thought of sharing some delightful updates with you! As we know that reshaping is always refreshing, as it brings out the excitement in us! So let’s enjoy the experience with People® as we are out with our November 2020 release with exciting updates for you!

So let’s check what we have for you in our November 2020 release!

1) Accruals Settings – Based on days worked:

Additional option added to accrue holidays / Other events, based on days worked in the month!

2) Salary CTC Components:

Option to add your company’s CTC components to salary details has been introduced.

3) Salary Structure Templates:

Build different salary structure templates as per your company policies, and use these templates to automatically & effortlessly calculate the CTC breakup for employees & applicants.

4) Set Salary Structure For Applicants:

For those having a license for the ATS module, for them, an option has been added to set the CTC to be offered to the candidates, with an option to define the salary structure template to calculate the salary structure breakup.

Further, you can also get the salary structure added as part of your document template (say Offer Letter document template) to simplify the offer letter issuance process.

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Are you ready for more exciting updates? Here we are with the October 2020 release!

We believe in remodeling and modernizing the system for you to have an enjoyable experience while you work with People®! Hence, we have our October 2020 release ready for you with exciting updates to keep you go error-free!

Listed below are the refreshing updates of our October 2020 release!

1) Shift Management:

  • Bulk Upload Employee Shift Detail” section has been added for you to easily upload employee shift details from an excel spreadsheet in bulk!

  • A new option has been added to the employee planner that allows you to change shift details for the individual day for an employee.

2) Expense Report and Line codes

Option added to automatically generate Export Report code and also code for each expense line. You can define the prefix for the code series for individual expense categories as per your company policies.

For any questions regarding this engaging release, feel free to contact us at https://peoplehrindia.com/contact-us

We are here with our September 2020 release with engaging Updates for you!

The users of People® India have always said that the system gets them glued with its interesting features and regular updates. We proudly present to you our September 2020 updates so you can continue enjoying the People® System to the fullest.

Let’s quickly check the interesting updates as part of our September 2020 release!

1. Entitlement and Deduction:

Further flexibility and control over your payroll calculations, by configuring various options at individual entitlement and deduction level.

2. Set specific days to use for payroll calculations:

New option added to set a specific number of payout days for a month, in addition to calendar & working days already present, for more flexibility in your payroll process.

3. Data Loaders:

Data Loaders have been upgraded to provide even better user experience, by relaxing certain restrictions and creating dynamic templates as per your account settings.

4. Accrual rule:

A new option has been added to set a specific day of the month for applying accrual rules, in addition to existing options for “End of Month” and “Start of Month”.

5. Employee ID card:

New feature added on Employee profile, to download a printable Employee ID card.

If you have any questions, you can contact us at  https://peoplehrindia.com/contact-us

Here we are with August 2020 release with interesting updates for you!

We at People® India have always believed in constantly updating the software with new features as well as refining existing features for increased user experience. With the same thought in mind, we are here with our August 2020 release with some interesting updates for you.

1. Making manual adjustments to Payroll: 

You may now make manual adjustments to the automatically generated Payroll as per your requirement and needs. You can add any number of adjustments using the “Adjustment” option on Payroll, by simply downloading the prefilled excel file, making edits to it, and uploading the file back.

2. Option to set additional hierarchy:

For companies having longer operational hierarchies, an option has been added to add 2 additional levels of hierarchy in addition to the Company, Location, and Department hierarchies already present.

3. Expense entry from the website:

Expense details can now also be added from the website by Employees (in addition to the mobile app) and can be approved by their Managers or Admin.

4. Wizard for Probation end (marking employee as confirmed):

Usually, when an employee is confirmed, a series of updates need to be made to their employment details. For the same, a wizard has been added so that all related updates can be made using a single workflow.

5. Better management of leave entitlements during “New Starter” and “Leaver” wizards:

The “New Starter” and “Leaver” wizards have been refined for better user experience. Also, the entitlements have been moved into its own separate section on the wizard, so that appropriate information related to annual and other entitlements can be displayed and set with ease.

If you have any questions, you can contact us at  https://peoplehrindia.com/contact-us