Benefits of using the RIGHT HRMS!

Human Resource Management System (HRMS) is a software application that helps companies manage their human resources-related tasks and activities. These systems have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their ability to streamline HR processes, improve productivity, and provide valuable insights into employee performance. In this blog post, we will explore some of the benefits of using the right HRMS.

  1. Increased efficiency and productivity

The primary benefit of using an HRMS is increased efficiency and productivity. HRMS automates many of the administrative tasks that HR professionals must handle manually, such as time and attendance tracking, payroll processing, and benefits administration. By automating these processes, HR professionals can spend more time on strategic initiatives and other important tasks that require their expertise.

  1. Improved data accuracy and reporting

HRMS also helps improve data accuracy and reporting. Manual data entry is prone to errors, which can lead to costly mistakes in payroll processing and benefits administration. HRMS eliminates these errors by automating the process, ensuring that the data entered is accurate and up-to-date. This, in turn, helps improve reporting accuracy, giving HR professionals and managers the data they need to make informed decisions.

  1. Enhanced compliance with laws and regulations

HRMS can also help companies stay compliant with laws and regulations. HRMS software includes features that help companies manage compliance requirements such as minimum wage laws, overtime regulations, and tax requirements. These features ensure that companies are adhering to legal requirements and avoiding penalties and fines.

  1. Improved employee engagement and satisfaction

HRMS can also improve employee engagement and satisfaction. By automating tasks such as time and attendance tracking, HR professionals can spend more time on employee engagement initiatives such as employee recognition programs and performance management. HRMS also provides employees with self-service tools such as online benefits enrollment, which can improve employee satisfaction and reduce the workload on HR professionals.

  1. Streamlined recruitment and onboarding

HRMS can also streamline the recruitment and onboarding process. Many HRMS systems include applicant tracking and onboarding modules that help companies manage the entire hiring process, from job postings to onboarding. By streamlining these processes, HR professionals can hire candidates faster and more efficiently, reducing the time-to-hire and increasing productivity.

  1. Improved workforce planning and analytics

HRMS can also provide valuable insights into employee performance and workforce planning. Many HRMS systems include analytics and reporting tools that help HR professionals identify trends and make data-driven decisions. These insights can help companies identify areas for improvement, track performance metrics, and make informed decisions about workforce planning.

  1. Enhanced security and data privacy

HRMS can also enhance security and data privacy. Many HRMS systems include features such as multi-factor authentication and data encryption, which help ensure that employee data is secure and protected from unauthorized access. This is especially important in today’s digital age, where data breaches and cyber attacks are becoming more common.

In conclusion, using the right HRMS can provide numerous benefits for companies of all sizes. By automating administrative tasks, improving data accuracy and reporting, staying compliant with laws and regulations, improving employee engagement and satisfaction, streamlining recruitment and onboarding, providing valuable insights into employee performance and workforce planning, and enhancing security and data privacy, HRMS can help companies become more efficient, productive, and successful.

These 12 features in your HRMS will offer you the most reliable and error-free management in your daily HR activities!

PeopleHR India is one of those HRMS that offers your multiple features in a single Software, and that too at an affordable price!

PeopleHR India is also best to use from any location. i.e. you can easily work from home or office using PeopleHR India!

PeopleHR India builds a beneficial and secure working atmosphere not just for your HR department, but also for your entire staff. So let’s go ahead and see the features of PeopleHR India that are on offer for you while you work from home or office!

1) Payroll: View and generate employee payroll based on the predefined salary structure. Download the salary register and all salary slips in a go. View historical payroll information and auto PF and ESIC calculations.

2) Automated & customized workflows: Workflows are easy to build with this feature and can perform hundreds of actions using any employee data set. It allows you to see your workflow dashboard and also includes an easy process builder.

3) Manager Access: Saves more time by assigning permissions to your senior management team. Let them authorize holidays, edit timesheets, add appraisals, and more.

4) Employee Performance: Motivate your employees to meet their targets and develop their skills. Track your results, and keep getting better. It helps you to measure, react, and improve.

5) Report Designer: You will find pre-made reports that include data specific to your company. This is perfect for building custom reports that can be visible to the whole company or a selected few.

6) Training Matrix: Add a training scheme to an employee’s record, and watch the progress bar fill up from your Training Matrix.

7) Holiday Planning & Absence Tracking: Approve holiday requests from your browser and Track absence and track negative trends before they have a chance to get any bigger.

8) Applicant Tracking System: Attract the best candidates, and move them through your pipeline. It helps you attract, identify, and recruit.

9) Employee Self–Service: Self-service helps you empower your people. Your staff can log in and edit information. You can also audit any changes if required.

10) Task Lists: Take your task list anywhere, with a traffic light color system to tell you what’s done, what’s due, and what’s overdue.

11) Alerts & Reminders: Never forget another appraisal, back-to-work interview, or birthday ever again.

12) Employee Clock In & Out: Allows employees to clock in and out whenever they are off their desks.

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Top 10 features you should look for in your HRMS for easy Leave and Attendance management!

We always feel troubled when we apply for a holiday. Just like us, even the approver is troubled. As the approver has to go through certain formalities before approving your leaves, the entire approval process may take longer.

So, what if we have a system that can help us, and the approvers to check and approve leaves faster? Wouldn’t that be a quick process? It may seem easy, but managing Absence and Attendance Tracking, checking Logging Time and Attendance, setting Annual Leave Entitlements, and booking holidays are not as easy as they sound like.

Hence, we have People® for the rescue!

With People®, applying for leaves, and managing all the attendance records will be more flexible. People® is one of its kind leave and attendance management software that offers you a surpassing user experience! With People® leave and attendance management, you can manage the leaves and attendance from any device! People® employee attendance and leave management system is the best software that offers you to plan and approve leaves easily and track the attendance in a single click! Hence, when it comes to using the most suitable leave and attendance management system, go for People®!

Let’s see what features does the People® Leave and Attendance Management System has to offer for you!

1: Absence and Attendance Tracking: Easily track the absence and attendance of each employee.

2: Easy Clock-in and out: You can manually clock in and out using mobile and web applications.

3: Automatic clock-in and out: When the employee enters inside the geo-fence, they will automatically get clocked-in, and out when exiting the geo-fence

4: iBeacon: Employees will get clocked-in when they reach the Ibeacon range.

5: QR Code-based clock in and out: Easily clock-in and out by scanning the QR code.

6: Google maps capturing: The lat/long and address from Google maps can be captured while the employees clock-in and out.

7: Biometric: When the employees clock in and out easily via biometric, the same gets automatically registered in the system.

8: Logging Time and Attendance: Easily manage your employee’s time and attendance with inbuilt features to manage the timesheets, work pattern, Tapin/Tapout (web and mobile-based)

9: Annual Leave Entitlement: The simplest way to set the annual leave entitlement cycle.

10: Book Holidays: Plan your holidays and get them approved faster. This feature offers you easy navigation to book your leaves.

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