Top 10 features you should look for in your HRMS for easy Leave and Attendance management!

We always feel troubled when we apply for a holiday. Just like us, even the approver is troubled. As the approver has to go through certain formalities before approving your leaves, the entire approval process may take longer.

So, what if we have a system that can help us, and the approvers to check and approve leaves faster? Wouldn’t that be a quick process? It may seem easy, but managing Absence and Attendance Tracking, checking Logging Time and Attendance, setting Annual Leave Entitlements, and booking holidays are not as easy as they sound like.

Hence, we have People® for the rescue!

With People®, applying for leaves, and managing all the attendance records will be more flexible. People® is one of its kind leave and attendance management software that offers you a surpassing user experience! With People® leave and attendance management, you can manage the leaves and attendance from any device! People® employee attendance and leave management system is the best software that offers you to plan and approve leaves easily and track the attendance in a single click! Hence, when it comes to using the most suitable leave and attendance management system, go for People®!

Let’s see what features does the People® Leave and Attendance Management System has to offer for you!

1: Absence and Attendance Tracking: Easily track the absence and attendance of each employee.

2: Easy Clock-in and out: You can manually clock in and out using mobile and web applications.

3: Automatic clock-in and out: When the employee enters inside the geo-fence, they will automatically get clocked-in, and out when exiting the geo-fence

4: iBeacon: Employees will get clocked-in when they reach the Ibeacon range.

5: QR Code-based clock in and out: Easily clock-in and out by scanning the QR code.

6: Google maps capturing: The lat/long and address from Google maps can be captured while the employees clock-in and out.

7: Biometric: When the employees clock in and out easily via biometric, the same gets automatically registered in the system.

8: Logging Time and Attendance: Easily manage your employee’s time and attendance with inbuilt features to manage the timesheets, work pattern, Tapin/Tapout (web and mobile-based)

9: Annual Leave Entitlement: The simplest way to set the annual leave entitlement cycle.

10: Book Holidays: Plan your holidays and get them approved faster. This feature offers you easy navigation to book your leaves.

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March 6, 2023  

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