People® HR Software – May 2020 Release is out and we’ve interesting enhancements for our customers!

People® has always believed in helping its clients with all the support they require and by making regular features and user experience upgrades to the software. We’ve made our software release for May 2020, and listed below are some of the interesting enhancements for you!

1) TDS Declaration screen changes: Option added to let employees select Old or New Scheme for calculating Income Tax liability

2) Employee – New starter: Employee ID gets auto-generated, which can be edited if required

3) Release / Hide Salary Slips: You can decide when to release the Salary Slips after you review your payroll details! Also, as an option, you can email the salary slips to your employees! You may still download the zip of salary slips to review before releasing them to employees.

4) Employee salary Screen: An option has been added to define the payout frequency applicable for the entitlements and deductions! You can also capture additional information related to EPF and EPS enrolment of the employee.

5) Expense details prompt – Capture payment information: You may optionally capture the payment mode, the payment date, and remarks when marking an expense as paid.

6) Payment of contractors and subcontractors: New TDS option added, for Contractors and subcontractors with 1% TDS (0.75% for FY 2020-21). Also, No TDS option has been added for cases where you don’t want to deduct TDS. 

7) New column “Reporting Manager”: Added Reporting Manager Column to Monthly Attendance Report (both detailed and summary)

8) Form 24Q (Q1 to Q4): As a part of the payroll process, now the quarterly Form 24Q file will also be generated for respective quarters.

9) Salary register changes: Employee Bank account information has been added to the Salary Register document generated as part of Payroll so that the disbursement instructions can be created quickly.

10) Challan Download Screen changes: This is useful if you need to update some company compliance information and then regenerate the challans & registers.

11) Bank Bulk salary transfer excel sheets: Option added to generate bank bulk salary excel sheet. Please contact your account manager to check the compatible banks and to get this setup.

12) Leave encashment calculation: You may select Other Events like Casual Leaves as well in addition to earned leaves, to be encashed during full-and-final settlement if your company policy allows it.

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Working Smart With People®!

Many companies believe in working fast and smart. So they set up easy to work software for their teams. The main operation areas are always given priority, as the demand for their daily work is always high.

But at the same time, the company’s HR department is somewhere forgotten. The HRs are known to do error-free work throughout their career. The HR department is one of the main pillars of any company.

We see the HRs right from our entry in the company to our exit. The HRs have to maintain data and records so that your other department employees get what they actually deserve.

In order to soften the work of HRs, some software are present in the market. However, there are just a few software that can provide you with an all-in-one service.

Right from entering and maintaining the data of new joiners, to the data of employees who have left. Maintaining the data of each employee is actually a way to research on company growth and employee status.

We know those big companies that are listed in the fortune 500s, have and are still using a certain set of HRMS for their HR activities. We may think that those HRMS are either built by the companies themselves or are outsourced and might be expensive! So, before even researching, we switch our minds to something that we can afford.

Hence, to prove this statement wrong, we have introduced People®! Now many of us know that People® is the HRMS that is known worldwide, as its being used by many companies listed in the fortune 500s! But do we know that People® is for everyone?

Yes! People® has been designed and built for everyone! People® comes with all-in-one features that can help your HR department become more stronger and accurate. People® is affordable, easy to use, and is in high demand by those companies who believe in cost-cutting, yet getting the best services!

Its features include Payroll, Automated & customized workflows, Manager Access, Employee Performance, Report Designer, Training Matrix, Holiday Planning & Absence Tracking, Applicant Tracking System, Employee Self – Service, Task Lists, Alerts & Reminders, Employee Clock In & Out!

These features are useful to track where your company is heading, and you can research the actual cause of your failure or success!

People® has kept a unique and affordable price tag so that you and your company always stays on the top!

With People®, you will certainly feel welcomed in the world that is growing fast and smart!

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All About Payroll With People®!

Payroll is a process which starts from calculations. Where mistakes happen, as many companies do not use any software for Payroll management, their Payroll experts have to do their calculations manually.

If its just one calculation then we can understand doing it manually. However, Payroll is a process that includes TDS calculation, Salaries, PT, PF, ESIC, etc. All these calculations and having the amount to be disbursed on a timely basis. Not just that, but maintaining reports of all the files is one puzzling task.

Now before exploring technology, everyone used to manage their Payroll work manually and in large files.

However, as we have explored technology, why to go manual on a difficult task?

Talking about technology, we at People® have the complete solution for you to experience the best and user-friendly HRMS that simplifies your daily HR needs!

People® comes with a Payroll Management feature that helps you calculate many things automatically! With People® in your office, you will get the experience of how things have simplified and how your work has become absolutely error-free!

People® comes with some inbuilt features that help you calculate TDS automatically. It also helps you generate salary slips, disbursement of taxes like PT, or transferring funds in employee’s PF accounts.

People® helps you in all these activities and helps you enjoy a complete error-free experience in your daily HR work!

Along with this, People® is one of the best report designers in its class, which has made Payroll MIS management look like a piece of cake!

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Tracking your Applicants while you Work From Home!

The lockdown has made every company work from home. This is for our own safety, and many companies are following the lockdown rules seriously, and are also supporting their employees to stay away from the offices and stay safe and work from home.

Also, the hiring at some companies is still on. Companies are conducting interviews using the internet and on-boarding the employees.

However, this process is happening to be troublesome for many companies as they do not have a supportive applicant tracking system.

So what is the solution for this issue? Is there any applicant tracking system that is ready to use?

Yes! People® is one of the best systems that is 100% ready to use!

We understand that the interview process and overall result announcement may take some time. Especially when you, your hiring panel, and the candidates are working from home. Sometimes the delay is from the candidate’s end and sometimes from our management’s end. During the lockdown period, there are several genuine reasons for the delay of a specific set of candidates that are up for the interview process.

The major problem is screening the applicant resumes which may be in 1000s, and after that checking every minute detail of the interview process till the candidate joins.

We know that checking all the little details manually takes time. Hence, companies use the Applicant Tracking System, AKA ATS!

Several companies use many different ATS for their work. However, many of those several companies use People® Applicant Tracking System!

The applicant tracking process is simplified by People®. People® has an inbuilt feature that is opted by all the clients of this HRMS. With People® Applicant Tracking System, the HRs can easily mark down the candidate’s interview lineups and interview progress, even while they work from home!

In short, the tracking process gets simplified by using the People® Applicant Tracking System, and you do not lose any of your star candidates!

People® Applicant Tracking System helps you attract the best candidates, and move them through your pipeline. It also helps you attract, identify, and recruit the right set of candidates!

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The Easiest Formula To Calculate TDS Automatically!

TDS calculation always has to be error-free! Usually, companies having less strength get the TDS calculations done manually. This results in a longer time as each time you have to enter all the amounts manually to calculate the TDS.

Some medium and big companies have specific software that helps them in the TDS calculations. However, you still end up typing all the related amounts manually in the software.

So is there any software that can help you do automatic TDS calculations and make the process error-free and fast?

Yes, People® is the software you are looking for. People® have 1000s of clients with many listed in the Fortune 500s as its users.

People® is a well thought and advanced HRMS with its USP of having automatic TDS calculations. 

So how exactly does People® helps you with the TDS calculations?

Employee Investment Proposal declaration for TDS:

May it be a TDS declaration or declaration for non-deduction of TDS, People® helps you in every Employee Investment Proposal declaration for TDS activity.

Automatic TDS calculation:

People® acts as the best TDS calculator for quick and easy TDS calculations on salary!

Companies using People® have always said that People® is one of the best all-in-one HRMS that offers easy management of the entire process!

So why wait? Start your experience of People® and get calculations free, and generate your TDS calculations automatically!

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