The Easiest Formula To Calculate TDS Automatically!

TDS calculation always has to be error-free! Usually, companies having less strength get the TDS calculations done manually. This results in a longer time as each time you have to enter all the amounts manually to calculate the TDS.

Some medium and big companies have specific software that helps them in the TDS calculations. However, you still end up typing all the related amounts manually in the software.

So is there any software that can help you do automatic TDS calculations and make the process error-free and fast?

Yes, People® is the software you are looking for. People® have 1000s of clients with many listed in the Fortune 500s as its users.

People® is a well thought and advanced HRMS with its USP of having automatic TDS calculations. 

So how exactly does People® helps you with the TDS calculations?

Employee Investment Proposal declaration for TDS:

May it be a TDS declaration or declaration for non-deduction of TDS, People® helps you in every Employee Investment Proposal declaration for TDS activity.

Automatic TDS calculation:

People® acts as the best TDS calculator for quick and easy TDS calculations on salary!

Companies using People® have always said that People® is one of the best all-in-one HRMS that offers easy management of the entire process!

So why wait? Start your experience of People® and get calculations free, and generate your TDS calculations automatically!

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May 5, 2020  

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