Impressive gains of an Automated Payroll System!

Every Payroll team faces the problems of making mistakes in calculations. Hence, People® offers you exciting Payroll features that converts your manual payroll process into a smart and automatic system.

With People®, you can now avoid errors in calculation, and experience an easy and automatic Payroll process that helps your work get done quicker and without any gaffes!

Let’s check out some exciting and easy to operate features offered to you by People®:

Salary Structure Management: India’s most trusted Payroll Software that offers you the best Configurable salary structure!

TDS Calculations: Why waste time in manual calculations when you can do Automatic TDS calculation as per the latest income tax rules! We also offer ready-made Provisional form 16 to make your work easier!

TDS Declaration: Get the steps with complete guidance of the TDS Declaration process and submit investment and proposals in a single click!

Salary Loan & Recovery: Help your employees with loans based on the salary amounts and have easy recovery by setting flexible dates. Helps you keep a record when you offer your employees with Salary Loan! You can also check the recovery status in a single click!

Payroll Generation: People® has made the Payroll process easier and accurate. A perfect HRMS for Payroll Generation!

Payroll MIS: One single feature that helps you generate Salary Slips, Relieving Letter, Full and Final (FnF) Letters, helps you maintain the Attendance Register, and guides you with the easiest way to create and maintain the Salary Register!

Compliance Documents: Making it easy for documentation and management of PF, ESIC, LWF which is the most critical part of statutory payroll deductions and statutory employee deductions. People® will help you with PT Challan, TDS Challan, LWF Challan, ESIC Challan Import File, EPF ECR Import File, TDS Quarterly Returns with Form 24Q and Form 26Q, PF monthly and yearly returns, and ESIC monthly and yearly returns!  

All this in a single HRMS! People® is known to make the HR process simple and effective with zero errors!

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Go for the best HR Management Software in India!

There are certain reasons in People® that make it a perfect software for companies to manage multiple activities. But the biggest reason is its user-friendliness and futuristic features that make People® stand apart from all the other software!

When it comes to the search for a reliable employee management system in India, companies prefer to have People®! A simple reason behind this is that People® has made its mark as the best HR software in India with over 6000 companies as its users worldwide!

The most important department other than actual product operations and sales is the HR department. In fact, we can say that the HR department stands on top of any organization to begin with its operations.

Hence, to support the HR team, we need to have a strong, and dependable HR management software to back the team of HRs. 

HR should be a strategic part of the business: HR has the power to solve or improve 95% of business issues. That’s why we believe HR professionals should become strategic business partners who make a real impact on the company’s success.

Technology should help HR make smarter decisions: Technology should use the insights it gathers from big data, to provide individual HR professionals with expert advice, based on HR best-practice. This can help HR make smarter, evidence-based decisions.

Technology should be price marked: Technology companies should publish their prices for everybody to see. If pricing is fair, then why hide it? Business consumers should be able to make a financial assessment without being forced to speak to a pushy salesperson first.

Technology should not make HR more complicated: Technology is meant to make our lives easier. So we believe that HR software should not complicate matters by forcing us to re-learn how to do our jobs. It should be easy to learn with no technical knowledge.

Technology can bring employees together: Technology connects friends and families, and it can connect your workforce, too. We believe employees should be engaged with each other, and engaged with their personal information.

HR should have friendly experts to talk to: We all have questions, and sometimes we need to ask an expert. The best technology providers are on-hand to answer questions big and small and are delighted to share their expertise with their customers and clients.

People® is made of all the bits HR has been missing for years. It’s us giving you the stuff we never had but wished we did. It’s a revolution, and we’re proud to have started it. You can also be a part of this revolution by clicking

People® HR Software – Is here with the most advanced mobile app for our customers!

People® has taken another step with the most advanced mobile app for you! 

People® has always believed in being user-friendly and efficient and provide 100% reliability to its users. With the same thought, we have updated our mobile app so you can continue your performance using your smartphones!

Let’s check out some gripping features of the People® Mobile App!

The updated People® mobile app aims to help you access accurate information, from anywhere. People® stores all your data in a single place, meaning you and your team can access it instantly, from anywhere.

By using the updated app, you can give your employees a system they’ll love because it is quick to learn and easy to access from any device. The mobile app is a painless way to manage HR tasks like holiday requests, expense claims, or performance reviews.

The app is released to users in phases and is available for you to download in the iOS app store and Android Play store!

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People® HR Software – July 2020 Release is out with interesting updates to help you hover the logbook and document templates!

People® has made a quick update for our users to access the logbook and document templates! Let’s check the points listed below and know more about our July-2020’s interesting enhancements for you!

Enhance your logbooks with a video and audio!

Logbooks are looking brighter and shinier, and that’s because we’ve improved the functionality. We’ve added features requested by customers, alongside features that will help you to streamline your processes.

Firstly, you can now preview a logbook from within the logbook settings. This makes it much easier to see what your logbook will look like when viewed by an employee.

Secondly, we’ve added 4 new fields to logbooks. Which are:

· Audio instructional

· Video instructional

· Text instructional

· Multiple choice

Last but not least, you can now specify who can sign a logbook, and you can actually lock the editing – so once your logbook is signed by whomever you have specified, no further changes can be made.

Please check our help documentation or contact our friendly experts if you need assistance.

To find out more about how to customize the logbook and all available field types, click

A whole new area for document templates

One of the main changes you’ll notice, is we’re moving the ability to create a new document template into the settings section. From this section, you will be able to do the following:

·  Add, edit and preview document template

·  View history of previous edits, which is a new addition to document settings

·  Specify which teams this document is relevant for

·  Allow managers to use email inbox

A wealth of other new features are being added to documents

We’re giving you the power to copy existing document templates, and providing a range of new merge tags, which will allow you to merge logbook data, even from your custom logbooks. (FYI Ripple users, these new merge tags are also being added to Ripple email steps)

You’ll have the ability to use a merge tag in the document name.

Designate who needs to sign the document, whether dual signatures are needed, meaning both employee and manager need to sign, or if you just need a manager to sign.

Small changes are being made to how the documents tab appears, within the employees tab. You’ll get a quick view of who can access what document, and a new column to show if a manager has signed the document.

Launch editor

The Launch Editor allows you to check over the document and make any changes, before alerting the employee there is a new document to sign.

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The Best Report Designer!

Reports mean everything! Your job, your promotion, your appraisal, and many other things depend on the way you prepare your reports. Also, they give the exact idea of your work progress in the organization.

The HR department in every company has to build reports related to their work. Making error-free reports requires a lot of concentration and time.

As the reports are sent to higher management, the employees cannot afford to make any mistakes while making the reports.

We build several reports and waste a lot of time making each one every day or weekly or monthly. We all agree that report generation requires time and effort.

However, it’s not the same for companies who are using People® for their HR activities!

With People®, you will find pre-made reports that include data specific to your company. This is perfect for building custom reports that can be visible to the whole company or a selected few.

This helps you generate reports faster. With People®, it takes fewer efforts to generate reports on your end. You can simply go ahead with People® for building accurate reports.

People® has been known as the smartest HRMS you can ever be on. People® includes multiple features, all under one roof!

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Automatic TDS Calculation with People®!

Is there any software that can help you do automatic TDS calculations and make the process error-free and fast?

Some medium and big companies have specific software that helps them in the TDS calculations. However, you still end up typing all the related amounts manually in the software.

TDS calculation always has to be error-free! Usually, companies having less strength get the TDS calculations done manually. This results in dissipating productive time as each time you have to enter all the amounts manually and then do the calculations.

Hence, People® has stepped in to the rescue for those who thrive for smart work!

People® have 1000s of clients with many listed in the Fortune 500s as its users. People® is a well thought and advanced HRMS with its USP of having automatic TDS calculations.

So how exactly does People® helps you with the TDS calculations?

Employee Investment Proposal declaration for TDS:

May it be a TDS declaration or declaration for non-deduction of TDS, People® helps you in every Employee Investment Proposal declaration for TDS activity.

Automatic TDS calculation:

People® acts as the best TDS calculator for quick and easy TDS calculations on salary!

Companies using People® have always said that People® is one of the best all-in-one HRMS that offers easy management of the entire process!

So why wait? Start your experience of People® and get calculations free, and generate your TDS calculations automatically!

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