Is Payroll Work From Home Possible?

During this lockdown period, many companies are working from home. Several employees are giving their best to achieve their performance targets. Even salaries are been processed, but with several difficulties, leading to a delay in the salary cycle. 

This may happen due to a weak payroll management system.

So what is the solution? Is Payroll work from home possible?

Yes! Payroll work from home is 100% possible with People®! 

People® makes Payroll management easy, comfortable, and safe even if you are working from home. With People®, even while working from home, you can view and generate payroll for the employees based on the predefined salary structure. You get access to download salary register and all salary slip in a go, and also view historical payroll information and auto PF and ESIC calculations.

With People® by your side, your company’s Payroll management is always active and accurate. With People®, the salaries of your employees will never delay as People® helps you with the perfect calculations in a go!

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The best HRMS even if you are working from home!

As this is the time when many Indian companies and MNCs are working from home, the demand for HRMS has increased. Out of several HRMS, People® certainly stands apart due to its userfriendly features.

People® offers you features like, Payroll, automated and customized workflows, manager access, employee performance, report designer, training matrix, holiday planning and absence tracking, applicant tracking system, employee self-service, task list, alerts and reminders, and employee clock in and out.

People® offers you the best desktop and mobile version of this software so that it becomes really easy for you to keep going even in the toughest times.

People® is affordable, customizable, easy to use, and is the most trusted HRMS present in the market today. It is liked, used and recommended by many such companies that are listed in the fortune 500s.

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Stay Home…Stay Safe…& Clock-In With People®!

Today, due to COVID-19, several companies are working from home. However, the first thing that hits our minds when we work from home is our login hours. 

As many companies use biometric devices for attendance management in their offices, it becomes challenging for them to manage the login hours when their employees work from home. Whenever there is a mismatch in login hours, it may straight away affect the salary amount. Hence, it is a vital task to manage attendance when your employees are working from home.

People® is the solution to many such problems. With People®, you can completely makeover your HR process. Right from attendance management to payroll and multiple management tools that can simplify your HR process.

People® offers you an easy clock in and out’s concept which can be operated using the People® mobile app and via web. With People® the clock-ins and outs of the employees get registered in the system by which it becomes easy for the HRs to view and process the records.

Due to the user-friendliness of People®, this HRMS is liked and used by many companies right from startups to those who are listed in the fortune 500s!

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HRMS that offers you the best Training Matrix experience!

The first process after hiring a candidate is his/her training! There are multiple ways of training your employees. After joining a company, the employees go through the process training. Fresher employees go through the fresher’s training program which helps them understand the company and their work better.

However, we all know that companies believe in growing, discovering, and trying new ways of working. At times, the companies also have to train their employees as per their client’s needs.

The training period not just begins when a candidate joins the company, but the training time may repeat itself in various forms throughout the employee’s career in the organization.

There are certain performance parameters highlighted for all the employees. However, there are a few giveaways for those who are in their training period.

So how do the HRs keep a track on which employee is on which training? Well…They usually follow the email process to keep track of the same. But is email check the only option?

It is easy to have a list right on your screen which can prompt you about the training process. Yes! With People®, you can know which employee is on which training and for how many days or months.

For the new birds, the HR can update which employee is undergoing which training in which department and process. Just like that, the respective Managers can also update which employee is on client training, or any other training if required. Once the Managers update the names of the candidate, the HRs can view the data in People®’s Training Matrix!

This helps the HRs to make the progress reports of the employees accordingly, and it also helps the Payroll team in distributing the salaries accordingly.

With People® Training Matrix, the managers can also have a track on the progress of the training of their team-mates and can act accordingly in the process.

It is always the best thing to get vital information right at your screen in a single click. People® is one of the best and advanced HRMS which is available around the globe and is liked by many companies listed in the Fortune 500s!

People® is known as the best HRMS present till date. People® is priced aggressively so that everyone can afford it and step into the future of working with Smart HRMS!

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