Stay Home…Stay Safe…& Clock-In With People®!

Today, due to COVID-19, several companies are working from home. However, the first thing that hits our minds when we work from home is our login hours. 

As many companies use biometric devices for attendance management in their offices, it becomes challenging for them to manage the login hours when their employees work from home. Whenever there is a mismatch in login hours, it may straight away affect the salary amount. Hence, it is a vital task to manage attendance when your employees are working from home.

People® is the solution to many such problems. With People®, you can completely makeover your HR process. Right from attendance management to payroll and multiple management tools that can simplify your HR process.

People® offers you an easy clock in and out’s concept which can be operated using the People® mobile app and via web. With People® the clock-ins and outs of the employees get registered in the system by which it becomes easy for the HRs to view and process the records.

Due to the user-friendliness of People®, this HRMS is liked and used by many companies right from startups to those who are listed in the fortune 500s!

So in this lockdown, if your company is working from home and want to start with the easiest way of HR operations, click now and get the most efficient and budget-friendly HRMS for you!

April 14, 2020  

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