Effortless Document Management With People®!

Document Management has always been a painful task. Managing documents on your computer, means saving the files in several folders.

Saving employee records can be a challenge in a normal employee document management system. However, with People® employee document management, you can retrieve the saved employee documents easily. It doesn’t matter when you saved the documents. People® HR files record management will recover any saved documents in a single click! People® employee records management is a system that offers you a user-friendly experience in handling all kinds of employee records! People® is the most suitable employee document management system for you!

Hence, People® offer you great features as listed below to make things easy while you save any document!

Mobile Documents: Locate any document using your mobile app, and also sign the documents if needed. You shall find all the documents to which you have access.

Document Templates: Specify the employee or the manager can view the documents. You can specify if a signature is required or tag any employee or manager.

Company Documents: You can add your company documents like the company handbook, office manual, policies, etc. These documents can be featured for your employees.

Add an Employee Document: You can add your employee’s documents, or give access to your employees to add specific documents by themselves.

Delete an Employee Document: You can delete the employee-related documents after they leave the company.

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Easy Leave and Attendance Management with People®!

We always feel troubled when we apply for a holiday. Just like us, even the approver is troubled. As the approver has to go through certain formalities before approving your leaves, the entire approval process may take longer.

So, what if we have a system that can help us, and the approvers to check and approve leaves faster? Wouldn’t that be a quick process? It may seem easy, but managing Absence and Attendance Tracking, checking Logging Time and Attendance, setting Annual Leave Entitlements, and booking holidays are not as easy as they sound like.

Hence, we have People® for the rescue!

With People®, applying for leaves, and managing all the attendance records will be more flexible. People® is one of its kind leave and attendance management software that offers you a surpassing user experience! With People® leave and attendance management, you can manage the leaves and attendance from any device! People® employee attendance and leave management system is the best software that offers you to plan and approve leaves easily, and track the attendance in a single click! Hence, when it comes to using the most suitable leave and attendance management system, go for People®!

Let’s see what features does the People® Leave and Attendance Management System has to offer for you!

Absence and Attendance Tracking: Easily track the absence and attendance of each employee.

Easy Clock-in and out: You can manually clock in and out using mobile and web applications.

Automatic clock-in and out: When the employee enters inside the geo-fence, they will automatically get clocked-in, and out when exiting the geo-fence

iBeacon: Employees will get clocked-in when they reach the Ibeacon range.

QR Code-based clock in and out: Easily clock-in and out by scanning the QR code.

Google maps capturing: The lat/long and address from Google maps can be captured while the employees clock-in and out.

Biometric: When the employees clock in and out easily via biometric, the same gets automatically registered in the system.

Comments: Employees, especially the sales executives can add comments while they clock in and out.

Logging Time and Attendance: Easily manage your employee’s time and attendance with inbuilt features to manage the timesheets, work pattern, Tapin/Tapout (web and mobile-based)

Annual Leave Entitlement: The simplest way to set the annual leave entitlement cycle.

Book Holidays: Plan your holidays and get them approved faster. This feature offers you easy navigation to book your leaves.

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Our November 2020 release is out with more fun updates for you!

As it’s Diwali time, we thought of sharing some delightful updates with you! As we know that reshaping is always refreshing, as it brings out the excitement in us! So let’s enjoy the experience with People® as we are out with our November 2020 release with exciting updates for you!

So let’s check what we have for you in our November 2020 release!

1) Accruals Settings – Based on days worked:

Additional option added to accrue holidays / Other events, based on days worked in the month!

2) Salary CTC Components:

Option to add your company’s CTC components to salary details has been introduced.

3) Salary Structure Templates:

Build different salary structure templates as per your company policies, and use these templates to automatically & effortlessly calculate the CTC breakup for employees & applicants.

4) Set Salary Structure For Applicants:

For those having a license for the ATS module, for them, an option has been added to set the CTC to be offered to the candidates, with an option to define the salary structure template to calculate the salary structure breakup.

Further, you can also get the salary structure added as part of your document template (say Offer Letter document template) to simplify the offer letter issuance process.

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Payroll Management With People®!

Working for a payroll process requires skills. Skills to be fast, being involved in multiple activities at the same time, and skills for not making any errors.

Payroll work requires a high level of concentration, as any mistake in the calculation can cause a big blunder. Hence, many companies prefer working with People®. People® offers you great level, advanced, yet easy to use features for your entire HR activities. People® is the best HRMS and is known for its user-friendly features that save you a lot of time.

People® also offers you the best in its class Payroll Management System for you to never make any errors. For the Payroll Management feature, People® offers you to view and generate payroll for the employees based on the predefined salary structure. Download salary register and all salary slip in a go. View historical payroll information and auto PF and ESIC calculations. Say no to errors and experience the most accurate HRMS that offers you easy to use features for your everyday Payroll activities!

People® is an all in one HRMS used by many companies listed in the Fortune 500s. With People® Payroll Management, you can easily wrap-up your daily Payroll Activities in much lesser time. Automatic features of People® makes the walk smooth for you.

People® is also ranked as the best HRMS in the list of top 10 HRMS!

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