Our November 2020 release is out with more fun updates for you!

As it’s Diwali time, we thought of sharing some delightful updates with you! As we know that reshaping is always refreshing, as it brings out the excitement in us! So let’s enjoy the experience with People® as we are out with our November 2020 release with exciting updates for you!

So let’s check what we have for you in our November 2020 release!

1) Accruals Settings – Based on days worked:

Additional option added to accrue holidays / Other events, based on days worked in the month!

2) Salary CTC Components:

Option to add your company’s CTC components to salary details has been introduced.

3) Salary Structure Templates:

Build different salary structure templates as per your company policies, and use these templates to automatically & effortlessly calculate the CTC breakup for employees & applicants.

4) Set Salary Structure For Applicants:

For those having a license for the ATS module, for them, an option has been added to set the CTC to be offered to the candidates, with an option to define the salary structure template to calculate the salary structure breakup.

Further, you can also get the salary structure added as part of your document template (say Offer Letter document template) to simplify the offer letter issuance process.

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November 10, 2020  

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