Effortless Document Management With People®!

Document Management has always been a painful task. Managing documents on your computer, means saving the files in several folders.

Saving employee records can be a challenge in a normal employee document management system. However, with People® employee document management, you can retrieve the saved employee documents easily. It doesn’t matter when you saved the documents. People® HR files record management will recover any saved documents in a single click! People® employee records management is a system that offers you a user-friendly experience in handling all kinds of employee records! People® is the most suitable employee document management system for you!

Hence, People® offer you great features as listed below to make things easy while you save any document!

Mobile Documents: Locate any document using your mobile app, and also sign the documents if needed. You shall find all the documents to which you have access.

Document Templates: Specify the employee or the manager can view the documents. You can specify if a signature is required or tag any employee or manager.

Company Documents: You can add your company documents like the company handbook, office manual, policies, etc. These documents can be featured for your employees.

Add an Employee Document: You can add your employee’s documents, or give access to your employees to add specific documents by themselves.

Delete an Employee Document: You can delete the employee-related documents after they leave the company.

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November 13, 2020  

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