People® HR Software – July 2020 Release is out with interesting updates to help you hover the logbook and document templates!

People® has made a quick update for our users to access the logbook and document templates! Let’s check the points listed below and know more about our July-2020’s interesting enhancements for you!

Enhance your logbooks with a video and audio!

Logbooks are looking brighter and shinier, and that’s because we’ve improved the functionality. We’ve added features requested by customers, alongside features that will help you to streamline your processes.

Firstly, you can now preview a logbook from within the logbook settings. This makes it much easier to see what your logbook will look like when viewed by an employee.

Secondly, we’ve added 4 new fields to logbooks. Which are:

· Audio instructional

· Video instructional

· Text instructional

· Multiple choice

Last but not least, you can now specify who can sign a logbook, and you can actually lock the editing – so once your logbook is signed by whomever you have specified, no further changes can be made.

Please check our help documentation or contact our friendly experts if you need assistance.

To find out more about how to customize the logbook and all available field types, click

A whole new area for document templates

One of the main changes you’ll notice, is we’re moving the ability to create a new document template into the settings section. From this section, you will be able to do the following:

·  Add, edit and preview document template

·  View history of previous edits, which is a new addition to document settings

·  Specify which teams this document is relevant for

·  Allow managers to use email inbox

A wealth of other new features are being added to documents

We’re giving you the power to copy existing document templates, and providing a range of new merge tags, which will allow you to merge logbook data, even from your custom logbooks. (FYI Ripple users, these new merge tags are also being added to Ripple email steps)

You’ll have the ability to use a merge tag in the document name.

Designate who needs to sign the document, whether dual signatures are needed, meaning both employee and manager need to sign, or if you just need a manager to sign.

Small changes are being made to how the documents tab appears, within the employees tab. You’ll get a quick view of who can access what document, and a new column to show if a manager has signed the document.

Launch editor

The Launch Editor allows you to check over the document and make any changes, before alerting the employee there is a new document to sign.

Click for details in brief!

July 20, 2020  

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