Tracking your Applicants while you Work From Home!

The lockdown has made every company work from home. This is for our own safety, and many companies are following the lockdown rules seriously, and are also supporting their employees to stay away from the offices and stay safe and work from home.

Also, the hiring at some companies is still on. Companies are conducting interviews using the internet and on-boarding the employees.

However, this process is happening to be troublesome for many companies as they do not have a supportive applicant tracking system.

So what is the solution for this issue? Is there any applicant tracking system that is ready to use?

Yes! People® is one of the best systems that is 100% ready to use!

We understand that the interview process and overall result announcement may take some time. Especially when you, your hiring panel, and the candidates are working from home. Sometimes the delay is from the candidate’s end and sometimes from our management’s end. During the lockdown period, there are several genuine reasons for the delay of a specific set of candidates that are up for the interview process.

The major problem is screening the applicant resumes which may be in 1000s, and after that checking every minute detail of the interview process till the candidate joins.

We know that checking all the little details manually takes time. Hence, companies use the Applicant Tracking System, AKA ATS!

Several companies use many different ATS for their work. However, many of those several companies use People® Applicant Tracking System!

The applicant tracking process is simplified by People®. People® has an inbuilt feature that is opted by all the clients of this HRMS. With People® Applicant Tracking System, the HRs can easily mark down the candidate’s interview lineups and interview progress, even while they work from home!

In short, the tracking process gets simplified by using the People® Applicant Tracking System, and you do not lose any of your star candidates!

People® Applicant Tracking System helps you attract the best candidates, and move them through your pipeline. It also helps you attract, identify, and recruit the right set of candidates!

So why wait? Click now to contact us, and start tracking your applicants with People®!

May 12, 2020  

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