We are here with our September 2020 release with engaging Updates for you!

The users of People® India have always said that the system gets them glued with its interesting features and regular updates. We proudly present to you our September 2020 updates so you can continue enjoying the People® System to the fullest.

Let’s quickly check the interesting updates as part of our September 2020 release!

1. Entitlement and Deduction:

Further flexibility and control over your payroll calculations, by configuring various options at individual entitlement and deduction level.

2. Set specific days to use for payroll calculations:

New option added to set a specific number of payout days for a month, in addition to calendar & working days already present, for more flexibility in your payroll process.

3. Data Loaders:

Data Loaders have been upgraded to provide even better user experience, by relaxing certain restrictions and creating dynamic templates as per your account settings.

4. Accrual rule:

A new option has been added to set a specific day of the month for applying accrual rules, in addition to existing options for “End of Month” and “Start of Month”.

5. Employee ID card:

New feature added on Employee profile, to download a printable Employee ID card.

If you have any questions, you can contact us at  https://peoplehrindia.com/contact-us

September 18, 2020  

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