Are you ready for more exciting updates? Here we are with the October 2020 release!

We believe in remodeling and modernizing the system for you to have an enjoyable experience while you work with People®! Hence, we have our October 2020 release ready for you with exciting updates to keep you go error-free!

Listed below are the refreshing updates of our October 2020 release!

1) Shift Management:

  • Bulk Upload Employee Shift Detail” section has been added for you to easily upload employee shift details from an excel spreadsheet in bulk!

  • A new option has been added to the employee planner that allows you to change shift details for the individual day for an employee.

2) Expense Report and Line codes

Option added to automatically generate Export Report code and also code for each expense line. You can define the prefix for the code series for individual expense categories as per your company policies.

For any questions regarding this engaging release, feel free to contact us at

October 20, 2020  

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