Here we are with August 2020 release with interesting updates for you!

We at People® India have always believed in constantly updating the software with new features as well as refining existing features for increased user experience. With the same thought in mind, we are here with our August 2020 release with some interesting updates for you.

1. Making manual adjustments to Payroll: 

You may now make manual adjustments to the automatically generated Payroll as per your requirement and needs. You can add any number of adjustments using the “Adjustment” option on Payroll, by simply downloading the prefilled excel file, making edits to it, and uploading the file back.

2. Option to set additional hierarchy:

For companies having longer operational hierarchies, an option has been added to add 2 additional levels of hierarchy in addition to the Company, Location, and Department hierarchies already present.

3. Expense entry from the website:

Expense details can now also be added from the website by Employees (in addition to the mobile app) and can be approved by their Managers or Admin.

4. Wizard for Probation end (marking employee as confirmed):

Usually, when an employee is confirmed, a series of updates need to be made to their employment details. For the same, a wizard has been added so that all related updates can be made using a single workflow.

5. Better management of leave entitlements during “New Starter” and “Leaver” wizards:

The “New Starter” and “Leaver” wizards have been refined for better user experience. Also, the entitlements have been moved into its own separate section on the wizard, so that appropriate information related to annual and other entitlements can be displayed and set with ease.

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August 17, 2020  

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