Welcome to People® Feb 2021 Release!

We believe that you should always have a superb experience while using People®! Hence, here we are with a brand new release for Feb 2021!

New Settings for Company Planner:

A new option has been added for Employee and Manager access to view only their own events!

TDS Declaration & Documents Download:

An option to download declarations and TDS documents has been added under the TDS Declaration section!


Expense Line details are updated!

  1. There will now be the ability to attach up to 5 Receipts to one Expense line detail.
  2. The Managed list option for the ‘Client’ and ‘Merchant’ fields within the Expenses module can now be managed by a system admin.

A lot of the enhancements that we have made are to reduce the actions and steps when completing system tasks and to give the Admin more control over key features.

Stay tuned for the next release and feel free to contact us by clicking on the link below!


February 24, 2021  

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