Welcome to People® May 2021 Release!

As People® believes in providing you a great user experience and as we promised, here we are with an exciting release for May 2021!

1. Miscellaneous enhancements around authorization rules:

Option to set a rule to auto-approve/decline the request after X days of a request.

Separate option added to add target employee’s manager/additional manager as part of approver list.

2. Salary Structure:

New option added to create salary templates based on gross salary, in addition to the existing option of CTC amount.

3. Miscellaneous enhancements around assignments:

Status and Start/End dates added for the task.

Option to define estimated hours for each task when a resource is allocated to the task.

4. Monthly Attendance Reports:

Miscellaneous enhancements on the Monthly Attendance Summary and Daily reports to include more relevant data.

Stay tuned for the next release and feel free to contact us by clicking on the link below!


May 31, 2021  

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