Here we are with August 2020 release with interesting updates for you!

We at People® India have always believed in constantly updating the software with new features as well as refining existing features for increased user experience. With the same thought in mind, we are here with our August 2020 release with some interesting updates for you.

1. Making manual adjustments to Payroll: 

You may now make manual adjustments to the automatically generated Payroll as per your requirement and needs. You can add any number of adjustments using the “Adjustment” option on Payroll, by simply downloading the prefilled excel file, making edits to it, and uploading the file back.

2. Option to set additional hierarchy:

For companies having longer operational hierarchies, an option has been added to add 2 additional levels of hierarchy in addition to the Company, Location, and Department hierarchies already present.

3. Expense entry from the website:

Expense details can now also be added from the website by Employees (in addition to the mobile app) and can be approved by their Managers or Admin.

4. Wizard for Probation end (marking employee as confirmed):

Usually, when an employee is confirmed, a series of updates need to be made to their employment details. For the same, a wizard has been added so that all related updates can be made using a single workflow.

5. Better management of leave entitlements during “New Starter” and “Leaver” wizards:

The “New Starter” and “Leaver” wizards have been refined for better user experience. Also, the entitlements have been moved into its own separate section on the wizard, so that appropriate information related to annual and other entitlements can be displayed and set with ease.

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How to make Payroll Management an easy process?

Many companies design their software for payroll. However, everyone is aware of the kind of maintenance a payroll software may require. There is again a risk of data misplacement or hacking.

When you run a business with 1000s of employees working with you, it is not easy to manage all the payroll related activities manually. There is always a risk of losing the vital data which is stored on your computer. Also, your employees in the HR department cannot physically do the payroll activities for 1000s of your employees. Doing things manually may result in tremendous man-hours and risk of errors.

For all the above problems, there is one accurate solution! We at People® have designed the perfect HRMS that can simplify your daily HR needs.

The payroll feature of People® is one of the best features you can ever see in any other software. Hence, People® is being used by many companies listed in the Fortune 500s!

By using the People® payroll feature, one can easily view and generate payroll for the employees based on the predefined salary structure. You can also download a salary register and all salary slip in a go. Also, in just a single click, one can view historical payroll information and auto PF and ESIC calculations.

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Impressive gains of an Automated Payroll System!

Every Payroll team faces the problems of making mistakes in calculations. Hence, People® offers you exciting Payroll features that converts your manual payroll process into a smart and automatic system.

With People®, you can now avoid errors in calculation, and experience an easy and automatic Payroll process that helps your work get done quicker and without any gaffes!

Let’s check out some exciting and easy to operate features offered to you by People®:

Salary Structure Management: India’s most trusted Payroll Software that offers you the best Configurable salary structure!

TDS Calculations: Why waste time in manual calculations when you can do Automatic TDS calculation as per the latest income tax rules! We also offer ready-made Provisional form 16 to make your work easier!

TDS Declaration: Get the steps with complete guidance of the TDS Declaration process and submit investment and proposals in a single click!

Salary Loan & Recovery: Help your employees with loans based on the salary amounts and have easy recovery by setting flexible dates. Helps you keep a record when you offer your employees with Salary Loan! You can also check the recovery status in a single click!

Payroll Generation: People® has made the Payroll process easier and accurate. A perfect HRMS for Payroll Generation!

Payroll MIS: One single feature that helps you generate Salary Slips, Relieving Letter, Full and Final (FnF) Letters, helps you maintain the Attendance Register, and guides you with the easiest way to create and maintain the Salary Register!

Compliance Documents: Making it easy for documentation and management of PF, ESIC, LWF which is the most critical part of statutory payroll deductions and statutory employee deductions. People® will help you with PT Challan, TDS Challan, LWF Challan, ESIC Challan Import File, EPF ECR Import File, TDS Quarterly Returns with Form 24Q and Form 26Q, PF monthly and yearly returns, and ESIC monthly and yearly returns!  

All this in a single HRMS! People® is known to make the HR process simple and effective with zero errors!

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Automatic TDS Calculation with People®!

Is there any software that can help you do automatic TDS calculations and make the process error-free and fast?

Some medium and big companies have specific software that helps them in the TDS calculations. However, you still end up typing all the related amounts manually in the software.

TDS calculation always has to be error-free! Usually, companies having less strength get the TDS calculations done manually. This results in dissipating productive time as each time you have to enter all the amounts manually and then do the calculations.

Hence, People® has stepped in to the rescue for those who thrive for smart work!

People® have 1000s of clients with many listed in the Fortune 500s as its users. People® is a well thought and advanced HRMS with its USP of having automatic TDS calculations.

So how exactly does People® helps you with the TDS calculations?

Employee Investment Proposal declaration for TDS:

May it be a TDS declaration or declaration for non-deduction of TDS, People® helps you in every Employee Investment Proposal declaration for TDS activity.

Automatic TDS calculation:

People® acts as the best TDS calculator for quick and easy TDS calculations on salary!

Companies using People® have always said that People® is one of the best all-in-one HRMS that offers easy management of the entire process!

So why wait? Start your experience of People® and get calculations free, and generate your TDS calculations automatically!

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People® HR Software – June 2020 Release is out with more interesting enhancements for our customers!

People® has always believed in helping its clients with all the support they require and by making regular features and user experience upgrades to the software. We’ve made our software release for June 2020, and listed below are some of the interesting enhancements for you!

1) Income Tax worksheet:

We understand that HR’s get several queries from employees regarding how they are calculating and deducting TDS from their salaries. In order to reduce the burden on HR’s, we’ve added an option on the TDS Declaration screen, where the employee can anytime go and see their Income Tax Worksheet, giving detailed information on all calculations done to arrive at the TDS value to deduct from their salaries. 

2) Provisional Form 16:

You may download provisional Form 16 for employees from the Finance tab. The Provisional Form 16 is automatically generated by the system during payroll processing for leavers, and at the end of the financial year for all active employees.

3) Paid TDS Challan Details:

You may now record the details of the paid TDS challans under Finance Tab. This information is then used to generate the Form 24Q and Form 26Q files, and also used in the Provisional Form 16 document generated by the system.

4) Salary Details:

Salary Details has been moved from the Personal tab to its own new tab, and other related information has been added to this new Salary Details tab.

You may exclude certain employees from Payroll if desired.

Also, you may record previous employer salary for new joiners, for accurate TDS calculation.

5) Prorate TDS for New Joinee:

Usually, new joiners get a partial salary in their first month as per their date of joining. To lessen the burden of TDS for that first month, you may opt to Prorate TDS for New Joinee using the new setting made available under Settings -> Payroll -> TDS Settings.

6) Form 24Q and Form 26Q:

As a part of the payroll process, now the quarterly Form 24Q and 26Q file will also be generated for respective quarters. Form 24Q for TDS on Salary and Form 26Q for TDS on payments other than salary. You may see the formats of Form 24Q and Form 26Q and steps of online return filing using these generated files at

7) Staffing:

Staffing is a new module useful for companies who need to better manage the allocations of their employees on a project, and plan for future project allocations and review bench strength.

If this module is of interest to you, then please contact your Account Manager to get more details about the features and pricing.

8) Query Builder – Manager access: 

The powerful Query Builder can now be shared with Managers giving them limited access to running queries that are not admin-only. Managers won’t have the option to create or edit queries, they will only be able to run them.

9) Bank Details – Disable edits by the employee:

To avoid accidental overwrites of sensitive Bank details by employees, you may now Turn Off the option to edit bank details by the employee if the details are already saved on their profile. The new setting can be found on the Settings -> Employee tab.

10) Shift details on Timesheet entry:

For quick reference, the Work Pattern name and Shift Times are now shown on the timesheet entry screen.

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People® HR Software – May 2020 Release is out and we’ve interesting enhancements for our customers!

People® has always believed in helping its clients with all the support they require and by making regular features and user experience upgrades to the software. We’ve made our software release for May 2020, and listed below are some of the interesting enhancements for you!

1) TDS Declaration screen changes: Option added to let employees select Old or New Scheme for calculating Income Tax liability

2) Employee – New starter: Employee ID gets auto-generated, which can be edited if required

3) Release / Hide Salary Slips: You can decide when to release the Salary Slips after you review your payroll details! Also, as an option, you can email the salary slips to your employees! You may still download the zip of salary slips to review before releasing them to employees.

4) Employee salary Screen: An option has been added to define the payout frequency applicable for the entitlements and deductions! You can also capture additional information related to EPF and EPS enrolment of the employee.

5) Expense details prompt – Capture payment information: You may optionally capture the payment mode, the payment date, and remarks when marking an expense as paid.

6) Payment of contractors and subcontractors: New TDS option added, for Contractors and subcontractors with 1% TDS (0.75% for FY 2020-21). Also, No TDS option has been added for cases where you don’t want to deduct TDS. 

7) New column “Reporting Manager”: Added Reporting Manager Column to Monthly Attendance Report (both detailed and summary)

8) Form 24Q (Q1 to Q4): As a part of the payroll process, now the quarterly Form 24Q file will also be generated for respective quarters.

9) Salary register changes: Employee Bank account information has been added to the Salary Register document generated as part of Payroll so that the disbursement instructions can be created quickly.

10) Challan Download Screen changes: This is useful if you need to update some company compliance information and then regenerate the challans & registers.

11) Bank Bulk salary transfer excel sheets: Option added to generate bank bulk salary excel sheet. Please contact your account manager to check the compatible banks and to get this setup.

12) Leave encashment calculation: You may select Other Events like Casual Leaves as well in addition to earned leaves, to be encashed during full-and-final settlement if your company policy allows it.

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