Save time and stop errors with the People® Payroll Management System!

Payroll is a process that includes 100% attention and yet the team can make vital errors. This usually happens because we are used to doing the calculations and maintain reports manually.

However, Payroll jobs will never be stressful with People®! We offer you to view and generate payroll for the employees based on the predefined salary structure. You can easily download the salary register and all salary slip in a go. Also, view historical payroll information and auto PF and ESIC calculations. With People®, say no to errors and experience the most accurate HRMS that offers you easy to use features for your everyday Payroll activities! People® payroll management system India will make your calculations perfect. This payroll software will make the entire process fast and hassle-free!

People® offers you amazing Payroll features like:

Salary Structure Management: For the best configurable salary structure!

TDS Declaration: For employees to declare their investment proposals and check the tax liability!

Salary Loan and Recovery: Help your employees with loans and easily check the recovery status!

Automatic TDS Calculations and Form 16: Save time with automatic TDS calculations as per the latest income tax rules!

Payroll Generation: Easy and accurate HRMS for error-free Payroll Generation!

Payroll MIS: Salary Slips, Relieving Letters, FNF Letters, Attendance Register, and maintaining the Salary Register will become easy like never before!

Compliance Documents: Automatically generate the documentation related to statutory compliance requirements of PF, ESIC & LWF. People® will also help you with PT Challan, TDS Challan, LWF Challan, ESIC Challan Import File, EPF ECR Import File, TDS Quarterly Returns with Form 24Q and Form 26Q, PF monthly and yearly returns, and ESIC monthly and yearly returns!

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December 1, 2020  

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