The Best Performance & Appraisal Management System!

Every company has a fixed standard to check and process employee performance appraisal. However, doing this work manually can be time-consuming. Hence, the People® performance appraisal system will never let you forget any appraisal. With People® performance management and performance appraisal, you can easily check every employee performance parameter and set the appraisal patterns, and People® performance appraisal management will get the work done for you!

People® offers you the best features like:

Setting appraisal values: Easily set appraisal values when the employee joins the company.

Performance review: Quickly check the performance review and move the data ahead for appraisal.

Adding an appraisal to the logbook: Add the employee appraisal to the logbook in a single step and move the same to the next step.

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March 16, 2021  

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