The Best HRMS for Leave and Attendance Management!

When we talk about employees working in your office, we also know that each of your employees needs a holiday!

Holidays can be for any reason. However, it is also important to track which employee is on a leave, and on which date, so you can manage your staff and work better.

Many employees plan their holidays. However, in some situations, your employee may require emergency leaves.

Leaves might be for any reason, but to track the record is more important for your business so that you can distribute the work to some other employee in somebody’s absence.

PeopleHR India exactly helps you in the same. With PeopleHR India, you can easily track which employee is on a leave, which employee will be on a leave, and who has requested leave approval.

PeopleHR India helps you manage the leave and holiday tracker so that you are always updated about your employee’s holiday/leave plans and status. This helps you distribute the work accordingly, and get the job done without any hassle.

It is easy to apply and approve for a holiday on PeopleHR India and hence, it is liked by many who believe in smart and fast work.

PeopleHR India is not just about Holiday Planning & Absence Tracking, but its also loaded with many useful features like Payroll, Automated & customized workflows, Manager Access, Employee Performance, Report Designer, Training Matrix, Applicant Tracking System, Employee Self – Service, Task Lists, Alerts & Reminders, Employee Clock In & Out!

These are the features that can help you work faster and smarter!

PeopleHR India is known for being user-friendly and is liked and used by many companies around the globe!

So why wait? Click now for more details!

December 21, 2021  

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