The Best Employee Database System!

Like other features on offer, People® also offers you the best Employee Database Management System!

There are many employee database management software present today, however, when it comes to the best employee record management system, the narrative ends at People®! With People® employee record system, you can store every employee’s data in one place! People® offers you the best HR management system that makes your entire HR process easy and fast! This employee database software offers you multiple logbooks to make the work easy for you. People® is that employee database management system that offers you a truly user-friendly experience!

People® Employee Database offers you:

Delete an Employee: You can permanently eliminate the employee activities/records when they leave the company. 

Goals – Employee: You or your employees can easily set Goals to target your performance growth.

Navigating The Employee List: You can easily navigate through your employee’ records. You can also set a filter for a faster search.

Add an Employee Document: Admins can add documents to an individual employee’s profile, which can then be checked and signed by the employees.

Delete An Employee Document: The fastest way to manage or delete an employee’s records from the system.

Dashboard-Employee Overview: Employees get a dashboard on logging in. The dashboard helps you with further navigation of the system.

Upload Employee Photo: Easily upload your preferred photo and change it anytime.

Employee/Manager Settings: Managers can add documents that can be seen by the employees. Once any document is uploaded, the employees do get a notification of the same.

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December 22, 2020  

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