People® offers you a comfortable experience while you Work From Home!

Many companies still choose to work from home to avoid bringing COVID-19 at home. It is the safest thing to do.

However, some companies have started their offices with reduced staff. This means, 30% (more or less) of employees will operate from the office and the rest from home.

It is very challenging for the HR department to know and churn the employees, turn by turn.

Having a perfect HRMS can be a lifesaver in this case. An HRMS that follows you while you work from home or office.

We are talking about a stable HRMS which is easy to use with multiple features.

There are many such HRMS present today. However, the most trusted and affordable one is the People®!

You can work easily on People®, thanks to the multiple features, which allow the HRs, the Managers, and the employees to use it.

People® offers you features like Payroll, automated and customized workflows, manager access, employee performance, report designer, training matrix, holiday planning and absence tracking, applicant tracking system, employee self-service, task list, alerts, and reminders, and employee clock in and out.

People® offers you the best desktop and mobile version of this software so that it becomes really easy for you to keep going even in the toughest times.

People® is affordable, customizable, easy to use, and is the most trusted HRMS present in the market today. It is liked, used, and recommended by many such companies that are listed in the fortune 500s.

So why wait? Contact us now and work freely from home or office! Click to contact us!

May 18, 2021  

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