People® October & November 2021 Release!

People® new release is out! We have broadcast some amazing add-on features in the October & November combined release! With People®, you will always experience classic user satisfaction!

1. New Custom Fields on Employee Profile:

Three more custom fields are available to add as data fields or to extend hierarchy on employee profile, in addition to the two existing ones already present.

2. Build a new query:

New fields added to Query Builder.

Employee Confirmation Date

Monthly CTC Amount

3. Expense enhancements:

– Added statistics on employee view of the expense list

– Added bulk loader to update payment information of expense in bulk

4. Bulk Work pattern / Roster Management:

Option added on Company Planner to manage the work patterns/roster of employees in bulk. Available for both managers and admins.

5. Staffing Module – Chargeability Report:

A new report named “Chargeability Report” added to the Staffing module to indicate the utilization of the employees on various projects and cost distribution across various projects.

Stay tuned for the next release, and feel free to contact us by clicking on the link below!

November 24, 2021  

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