People® HR Software – June 2020 Release is out with more interesting enhancements for our customers!

People® has always believed in helping its clients with all the support they require and by making regular features and user experience upgrades to the software. We’ve made our software release for June 2020, and listed below are some of the interesting enhancements for you!

1) Income Tax worksheet:

We understand that HR’s get several queries from employees regarding how they are calculating and deducting TDS from their salaries. In order to reduce the burden on HR’s, we’ve added an option on the TDS Declaration screen, where the employee can anytime go and see their Income Tax Worksheet, giving detailed information on all calculations done to arrive at the TDS value to deduct from their salaries. 

2) Provisional Form 16:

You may download provisional Form 16 for employees from the Finance tab. The Provisional Form 16 is automatically generated by the system during payroll processing for leavers, and at the end of the financial year for all active employees.

3) Paid TDS Challan Details:

You may now record the details of the paid TDS challans under Finance Tab. This information is then used to generate the Form 24Q and Form 26Q files, and also used in the Provisional Form 16 document generated by the system.

4) Salary Details:

Salary Details has been moved from the Personal tab to its own new tab, and other related information has been added to this new Salary Details tab.

You may exclude certain employees from Payroll if desired.

Also, you may record previous employer salary for new joiners, for accurate TDS calculation.

5) Prorate TDS for New Joinee:

Usually, new joiners get a partial salary in their first month as per their date of joining. To lessen the burden of TDS for that first month, you may opt to Prorate TDS for New Joinee using the new setting made available under Settings -> Payroll -> TDS Settings.

6) Form 24Q and Form 26Q:

As a part of the payroll process, now the quarterly Form 24Q and 26Q file will also be generated for respective quarters. Form 24Q for TDS on Salary and Form 26Q for TDS on payments other than salary. You may see the formats of Form 24Q and Form 26Q and steps of online return filing using these generated files at

7) Staffing:

Staffing is a new module useful for companies who need to better manage the allocations of their employees on a project, and plan for future project allocations and review bench strength.

If this module is of interest to you, then please contact your Account Manager to get more details about the features and pricing.

8) Query Builder – Manager access: 

The powerful Query Builder can now be shared with Managers giving them limited access to running queries that are not admin-only. Managers won’t have the option to create or edit queries, they will only be able to run them.

9) Bank Details – Disable edits by the employee:

To avoid accidental overwrites of sensitive Bank details by employees, you may now Turn Off the option to edit bank details by the employee if the details are already saved on their profile. The new setting can be found on the Settings -> Employee tab.

10) Shift details on Timesheet entry:

For quick reference, the Work Pattern name and Shift Times are now shown on the timesheet entry screen.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

June 26, 2020  

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