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Working Fast & Smart With People®!

Many companies believe in working fast and smart. So they set up easy to work software for their teams. The main operation areas are always given priority, as the demand for their daily work is always high. But at the same time, the company’s HR department is somewhere forgotten. The HRs are known to do … Continue reading "Working Fast & Smart With People®!"

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People® Payroll Management

When you run a business with 1000s of employees working with you, it is not easy to manage all the payroll related activities manually. There is always a risk of losing the vital data which is stored on your computer. Also, your employees in the HR department cannot physically do the payroll activities for 1000s … Continue reading "People® Payroll Management"

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People® Report Designer

The HR department in every company has to build reports related to their work. Making error-free reports requires a lot of concentration and time. As the reports are sent to higher management, the employees cannot afford to make any mistakes while making the reports. Reports mean everything! Your job, your promotion, your appraisal, and many … Continue reading "People® Report Designer"

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Holiday Planning & Absence Tracking

When we talk about employees working in your office, we also know that each of your employees needs a holiday! Holidays can be for any reason. However, it is also important to track which employee is on a leave, and on which date, so you can manage your staff and work better. Many employees plan … Continue reading "Holiday Planning & Absence Tracking"

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Be Progressive, Make Impact & Get Noticed With People®!!!

There are plenty of HR software in the market. Some are easy to use but with fewer features, and some are loaded with features that make them too complicated to use! However, People® is one of the HR software that is loaded with easy to use features. People® has kept the software towards the easier … Continue reading "Be Progressive, Make Impact & Get Noticed With People®!!!"

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Welcome to People®!!!

Unlike many other HR management software present in today’s market, People® is one of the favorites amongst all! There are certain reasons in People® that make it a perfect software for companies to manage multiple activities. But the biggest reason is its user-friendliness and futuristic features that make People® stand apart from all the other … Continue reading "Welcome to People®!!!"

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