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Many companies believe in working fast and smart. So they set up easy-to-work software for their teams. The main operation areas are always given priority, as the demand for their daily work is always high.

But at the same time, the company’s HR department is somewhere forgotten. The HRs are known to do error-free work throughout their career. The HR department is one of the main pillars of any company.

We see the HRs right from our entry into the company to our exit. The HRs have to maintain data and records so that your other department employees get what they actually deserve.

In order to soften the work of HRs, some software are present in the market. However, there are just a few software that can provide you with an all-in-one service.

Right from entering and maintaining the data of new joiners, to the data of employees who have left. Maintaining the data of each employee is actually a way to research company growth and employee status.

We know those big companies that are listed in the fortune 500s, have and are still using a certain set of HRMS for their HR activities. We may think that those HRMS are either built by the companies themselves or are outsourced and might be expensive! So, before even researching, we switch our minds to something that we can afford.

Hence, to prove this statement wrong, we have introduced PeopleHR India! Now many of us know that PeopleHR India is the HRMS that is known worldwide, as it’s being used by many companies listed in the fortune 500s! But do we know that PeopleHR India is for everyone?

Yes! PeopleHR India has been designed and built for everyone! PeopleHR India comes with all-in-one features that can help your HR department become more stronger and accurate. PeopleHR India is affordable, easy to use, and in high demand by those companies who believe in cost-cutting, yet getting the best services!

Its features include Payroll, Automated & customized workflows, Manager Access, Employee Performance, Report Designer, Training Matrix, Holiday Planning & Absence Tracking, Applicant Tracking System, Employee Self–Service, Task Lists, Alerts & Reminders, Employee Clock In & Out!

These features are useful to track where your company is heading, and you can research the actual cause of your failure or success!

PeopleHR India has kept a unique and affordable price tag so that you and your company always stay on the top!

With PeopleHR India, you will certainly feel welcomed in a world that is growing fast and smart!

So why wait? Give us your requirements now! Click to avail 30 days free trial!

July 5, 2022  

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