Know how you can automatically Clock In & Out with People®!

In any company that we work, it is important to have a track of our time in and out. This helps the higher management to track the employee’s timing. Well, it also helps you get the right amount in your salary!

Different companies have set many different edicts regarding employee clock-in and out. For eg. Setting a specific time for half-day or a full day off if not timed in the system accordingly.

Many times it happens when we enter the office and get stuck in urgent work and forget to clock in. Or, may forget to clock out and leave. Then, we have to mark an email with an adjustment in our timings to our Managers so that they can approve it and make certain changes in our attendance.

This is usually allowed before the monthly cycle ends. However, many employees travel at the end of the monthly cycle and hence they may suffer from a hit on their salaries.

To avoid all the trouble and support your employees with a relaxed clock in and out process, People® has launched with a feature that empowers your employees to clock in and out whenever they are off their desks.

Yes! With People®, you automatically get clocked in or out when you enter or exit the radius set by your company.

By this, the trend of sending time adjustments has come to a clear end. Now the employees and the managers do not have to worry as People® helps you clock in and out automatically whenever you enter or leave the office.

Not just clock in and out, but People® is loaded with features that can help you in your daily activities in just a single click! People® is built to save time, and hence People® is liked by smart working companies to soften the employee work stress!

Now, why wait? Let’s enter the world of smart working companies and get along the most trusted HRMS People®!

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March 24, 2020  

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