Experience the next step of HRMS with People®!

People® has made the entire HR process easier than before with amazing features that help you become error-free in your daily HR activities!

Let’s take a look at some amazing features that People® offers you with.

Payroll Management: 

View and generate payroll for the employees based on the predefined salary structure. Download salary register and all salary slip in a go. View historical payroll information and auto PF and ESIC calculations.

Employee Database:

People® offers you the best HR management system that makes your entire HR process easy and fast! Employee Database offers you to easily onboard new employees, quickly search for a specific employee, customized access and permission at employee level as well as record any custom information against the employee record, in addition to all the standard information you would capture for an employee.

Document Management:

People® offers you the option to create document templates by using placeholders and use these templates to create documents on employee records. You also get amazing inbuilt features like electronic signatures, and mobile accessibility too! People® document management system offers you a user-friendly experience in handling all kinds of documents! People® is the most suitable employee document management system for you!

Leave and Attendance Management:

With People®, you can easily set the shift timings, comfortably log time and attendance using various manual & automated ways, do leave management, and also track other events like Work From Home or Client Meetings. In addition, flexible attendance and leave policies can be set. People® employee attendance and leave management system is the best software that offers you to plan and approve leaves easily, and track the attendance in a single click! Hence, when it comes to using the most suitable leave and attendance management system, go for People®!

Employee Engagement:

People® offers you the best way to engage with your employees, and promote a culture of appreciation within teams. You may appreciate your team or colleagues, upload exciting news for your employees, and run short pulse surveys targeted to all or a certain group of employees. You shall definitely have a stronger bond with your employees with People® employee engagement! People® offers you the best employee engagement software to keep the employee engagement platform the best in your company!

Expense Claim & Reimbursement:

Adding an expense will not be time-consuming anymore as People® offers you the best expense claim and reimbursement system. With People® you can easily add your expense reports and get reimbursed for the same. May it be a normal employee reimbursement, or checking employee travel expenses, People® will easily get the work done for you!

Performance & Appraisal Management:

People® PMS offers the most suitable way to setup performance profiles, get employees to do a self-assessment, get managers to get 360-degree feedback about the employee, and set goals for employees based on the performance ratings and discussions. With People® performance management and performance appraisal, you can easily check every employee’s performance parameter and check patterns to identify any corrective actions to be taken.

Recruitment & Applicant Management:

Vacancy Management will never be a challenge with People® as you will be offered with amazing features like RSS Feed for you to easily and automatically integrate with the careers section of your company website, along with applicant tracking and management of applicant database. People® candidate management systems make the recruitment and applicant tracking the easiest process for you! With the People® applicant management system, you will never miss out on any star candidate! People® is the most suited applicant management software present in the market today!

Customised & Automated Workflows:

Get the best Automation Workflow Engine with People® to build a completely automated workflow. You may set an interactive or background workflow and the best data-driven workflows so that you can build an entirely automated workflow without requiring any manual interruption. People® HR workflow automation is built to make things simple and fast. With many automated features, you can now enjoy your work as you will never cross any deadline! We have made the Human Resources workflow processes smooth for all the users!

Task Management:

Task management can be integrated with all major workflows in the system so that you can effortlessly get tasks assigned to appropriate personnel for the respective activities along with features to allocate tasks, get task alerts, and never miss any important task that has been assigned to you. With the People® employee task management system, you can easily assign a task to your colleagues. People® is the most reliable employee project management system which offers you easy to navigate features!

Flexible Organisation Chart:

Get Automatically created organization chart for the entire company or certain location with options to have PDF exports, and set filters for your search. People® software company organizational structure helps you to set your Organization Chart to have transparency in all teams! With People® software company hierarchy chart, you can set and view the chart hierarchy wise to have a clear idea of which team is led by whom! People® software company org chart gets the work done for you with comfort!

Infographic Reports & Dynamic Queries:

View & export pre-defined infographic reports based on all important aspects of your organization, and use the Queries feature to see the data in the system, and easily search and export the same. People® will help you make reports the most efficient way!

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October 13, 2020  

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