Payroll Management With People®!

Working for a payroll process requires skills. Skills to be fast, being involved in multiple activities at the same time, and skills for not making any errors.

Payroll work requires a high level of concentration, as any mistake in the calculation can cause a big blunder. Hence, many companies prefer working with People®. People® offers you great level, advanced, yet easy to use features for your entire HR activities. People® is the best HRMS and is known for its user-friendly features that save you a lot of time.

People® also offers you the best in its class Payroll Management System for you to never make any errors. For the Payroll Management feature, People® offers you to view and generate payroll for the employees based on the predefined salary structure. Download salary register and all salary slip in a go. View historical payroll information and auto PF and ESIC calculations. Say no to errors and experience the most accurate HRMS that offers you easy to use features for your everyday Payroll activities!

People® is an all in one HRMS used by many companies listed in the Fortune 500s. With People® Payroll Management, you can easily wrap-up your daily Payroll Activities in much lesser time. Automatic features of People® makes the walk smooth for you.

People® is also ranked as the best HRMS in the list of top 10 HRMS!

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The best Payroll Management System that keeps you error-free!

The Payroll process doesn’t mean just processing the salaries or calculating the tax amounts. The Payroll process includes several critical things that need to be taken care of without making a single error.

One of the most critical things the Payroll process includes is the report generation and management of the same. Making each report manually is time-consuming. Also, keeping the reports safe is another critical task.

Usually, the Payroll team keeps the reports in a drive that can be accessed by certain people in the organization. However, if there are any suggestions for changing the reports, then that work has to be done manually, i.e, update each team member by email, message, call, or by conducting a team meeting.

Now, these techniques are old school as the technology has taken its stand to make your work stress-free. Hence, People® offers you the best Payroll Management System to help you work faster and without any error!

People® Payroll Management offers you premade customizable reports which you can use and modify as per your preference. People® also offers you a Payroll System in which you can upload all the daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly reports and keep them safe. With the option to grant access to certain people in your company, you can easily check the uploaded reports and notify on the People® system itself in case if there are any changes.

People® believes in smart and fast work! As when you save time in any time-consuming process, you can utilize the same saved time in other productive activities!

People® is made of all the bits HR has been missing for years. It’s us giving you the stuff we never had but wished we did. It’s a revolution, and we’re proud to have started it. People® is a unique yet friendly HR system software that has transformed human resource management software to its core for better and flawless performance!

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HRMS that offers you error-free management!

Today the world of technology has advanced beyond our imagination. We have many software and mobile apps that help us make our daily work easy.

As many companies are working from home during this pandemic, the need for software and apps have increased. One of the software that is in high demand is the Human Resource Management Software (HRMS).

Today, each company that is working from home are in high need of budget-friendly yet effective HRMS for their daily HR operations.

Hence, People® helps you with features that simplify your daily HR needs by giving you easy to operate web software and mobile apps.

People® offers you features like Payroll, Automated & customized workflows, Manager Access, Employee Performance, Report Designer, Training Matrix, Holiday Planning & Absence Tracking, Applicant Tracking System, Employee Self – Service, Task Lists, Alerts & Reminders, and Employee Clock In & Out!

Along with these features, People® also offers you a mobile app that can be used on Android and iOS devices. With the People® app, you can easily tap in and out and use many other features from the above list!

People® is used by 6000+ companies worldwide and is also liked by several new clients added to the list. People® is one of the best and budget-friendly HRMS that offers you multiple features under one roof.

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Experience the next step of HRMS with People®!

People® has made the entire HR process easier than before with amazing features that help you become error-free in your daily HR activities!

Let’s take a look at some amazing features that People® offers you with.

Payroll Management: 

View and generate payroll for the employees based on the predefined salary structure. Download salary register and all salary slip in a go. View historical payroll information and auto PF and ESIC calculations.

Employee Database:

People® offers you the best HR management system that makes your entire HR process easy and fast! Employee Database offers you to easily onboard new employees, quickly search for a specific employee, customized access and permission at employee level as well as record any custom information against the employee record, in addition to all the standard information you would capture for an employee.

Document Management:

People® offers you the option to create document templates by using placeholders and use these templates to create documents on employee records. You also get amazing inbuilt features like electronic signatures, and mobile accessibility too! People® document management system offers you a user-friendly experience in handling all kinds of documents! People® is the most suitable employee document management system for you!

Leave and Attendance Management:

With People®, you can easily set the shift timings, comfortably log time and attendance using various manual & automated ways, do leave management, and also track other events like Work From Home or Client Meetings. In addition, flexible attendance and leave policies can be set. People® employee attendance and leave management system is the best software that offers you to plan and approve leaves easily, and track the attendance in a single click! Hence, when it comes to using the most suitable leave and attendance management system, go for People®!

Employee Engagement:

People® offers you the best way to engage with your employees, and promote a culture of appreciation within teams. You may appreciate your team or colleagues, upload exciting news for your employees, and run short pulse surveys targeted to all or a certain group of employees. You shall definitely have a stronger bond with your employees with People® employee engagement! People® offers you the best employee engagement software to keep the employee engagement platform the best in your company!

Expense Claim & Reimbursement:

Adding an expense will not be time-consuming anymore as People® offers you the best expense claim and reimbursement system. With People® you can easily add your expense reports and get reimbursed for the same. May it be a normal employee reimbursement, or checking employee travel expenses, People® will easily get the work done for you!

Performance & Appraisal Management:

People® PMS offers the most suitable way to setup performance profiles, get employees to do a self-assessment, get managers to get 360-degree feedback about the employee, and set goals for employees based on the performance ratings and discussions. With People® performance management and performance appraisal, you can easily check every employee’s performance parameter and check patterns to identify any corrective actions to be taken.

Recruitment & Applicant Management:

Vacancy Management will never be a challenge with People® as you will be offered with amazing features like RSS Feed for you to easily and automatically integrate with the careers section of your company website, along with applicant tracking and management of applicant database. People® candidate management systems make the recruitment and applicant tracking the easiest process for you! With the People® applicant management system, you will never miss out on any star candidate! People® is the most suited applicant management software present in the market today!

Customised & Automated Workflows:

Get the best Automation Workflow Engine with People® to build a completely automated workflow. You may set an interactive or background workflow and the best data-driven workflows so that you can build an entirely automated workflow without requiring any manual interruption. People® HR workflow automation is built to make things simple and fast. With many automated features, you can now enjoy your work as you will never cross any deadline! We have made the Human Resources workflow processes smooth for all the users!

Task Management:

Task management can be integrated with all major workflows in the system so that you can effortlessly get tasks assigned to appropriate personnel for the respective activities along with features to allocate tasks, get task alerts, and never miss any important task that has been assigned to you. With the People® employee task management system, you can easily assign a task to your colleagues. People® is the most reliable employee project management system which offers you easy to navigate features!

Flexible Organisation Chart:

Get Automatically created organization chart for the entire company or certain location with options to have PDF exports, and set filters for your search. People® software company organizational structure helps you to set your Organization Chart to have transparency in all teams! With People® software company hierarchy chart, you can set and view the chart hierarchy wise to have a clear idea of which team is led by whom! People® software company org chart gets the work done for you with comfort!

Infographic Reports & Dynamic Queries:

View & export pre-defined infographic reports based on all important aspects of your organization, and use the Queries feature to see the data in the system, and easily search and export the same. People® will help you make reports the most efficient way!

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The most authentic Payroll Management System!

The payroll process in each company is the most difficult and challenging. This is due to the reports and the documents you save each day, week, month, or a year. As payroll includes several types of documents, calculations, and a tight deadline, the entire process gets stressful and exhausting for many.

Hence, People® offers you the most reliable payroll management system which can eliminate your daily work pressure. With features like premade reports, auto TDS calculation, a proper payroll structure in the system, etc, helps you work faster and erase all the errors or the fear of errors you had.

Now in just a single click, one can view historical payroll information and auto PF and ESIC calculations. You can also download a salary register and all salary slips in a single step!

People® is one of the best features you can ever see in any other software. Hence, People® is being used by many companies listed in the Fortune 500s!

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Follow the easy Payroll Process!

When you administer a company with 1000s of employees working with you, it is not easy to manage all the payroll related activities manually. There is always a risk of losing the vital data which is stored on your computer.

Various companies create their software for payroll. However, everyone is knowledgeable about the set of preserving payroll software. There is again a prospect of data misplacement or hacking.

Also, your employees in the HR department cannot physically do the payroll activities for 1000s of your employees. Doing things manually may result in tremendous man-hours and risk of errors.

For all the above problems, there is one accurate solution! We at People® have designed the perfect HRMS that can simplify your daily HR needs.

The payroll feature of People® is one of the best features you can ever see in any other software. Hence, People® is being used by many companies listed in the Fortune 500s!

By using the People® payroll feature, one can easily view and generate payroll for the employees based on the predefined salary structure. You can also download a salary register and all salary slip in a go. Also, in just a single click, one can view historical payroll information and auto PF and ESIC calculations.

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Go for the best Report Designer!

The HR department in each organization has to produce reports associated with their profession. Constructing error-free reports requires a lot of attention and time.

As the reports are transferred to higher management, the employees cannot bear to make any blunders while preparing the reports.

Reports mean everything! Your job, your promotion, your appraisal, and various additional things depend on the way you dress your reports. Also, your reports give a precise idea of your work rate in the company.

We develop numerous reports and spend a lot of time making each one every day or weekly or monthly. We all acknowledge that report generation requires time and stress.

However, it’s not the same for companies who are practicing with People® for their HR activities!

With People®, you will find pre-made reports that hold data specific to your company. This is excellent for building custom reports that can be noticeable to the whole company or a selected few.

This helps you create reports faster. With the help of People®, it takes fewer struggles to generate reports on your end. You can solely go leading with People® for building detailed reports.

People® has been known as the most intelligent HRMS you can ever have. People® combines versatile features, all under one roof!

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Which HRMS offers you the most superior Training Matrix?

Training is the first step in any job. We all know that training never ends in our work life. Training helps you be updated on each level. Hence, being trained on updates continues with your throughout work life. No matter what designation you are on, you have to be updated with new technologies or work processes to progress and develop you and your company.

It is also important to keep a track of which employee is up for what training, and also to track the progress of the same. 

Hence, in order to set things right, you need a strong Training Matrix which can help you in tracking the training activities in your company.

People® is known as the most trustworthy HRMS today. People® is an affordable and very reliable HRMS that offers you multiple features that everyone can furnish and move into the future of operating Smart!

With People® Training Matrix, the managers can track the development of the training of their team-mates and can act accordingly in the process.

It is always great to get vital data right at your screen in a single click. People® is one of the best and seasoned HRMS that is available PAN India and is liked by many companies listed in the Fortune 500s too!

The first process after hiring a candidate is his/her training! There are multiple ways of training your employees. After joining a company, the employees go through the process training. Fresher employees go through the fresher’s training program which helps them understand the company and their work better.

However, we all know that companies believe in growing, discovering, and trying new ways of working. At times, the companies also have to train their employees as per their client’s needs.

The training period not just begins when a candidate joins the company, but the training time may repeat itself in various forms throughout the employee’s career in the organization.

There are certain performance parameters highlighted for all the employees. However, there are a few giveaways for those who are in their training period.

So how do the HRs keep a track on which employee is on which training? Well…They usually follow the email process to keep track of the same. But is email check the only option?

It is easy to have a list right on your screen which can prompt you about the training process. Yes! With People®, you can know which employee is on which training and for how many days or months.

For the new birds, the HR can update which employee is undergoing which training in which department and process. Just like that, the respective Managers can also update which employee is on client training, or any other training if required. Once the Managers update the names of the candidate, the HRs can view the data in People®’s Training Matrix!

This helps the HRs to make the progress reports of the employees accordingly, and it also helps the Payroll team in distributing the salaries accordingly.

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Alerts and Reminders with People®!

We usually work on multiple assignments in our work life. Hence we are used to setting alerts and reminders using email alerts or putting sticky notes on our desktop.

However, is this the only method of being alert on each assignment?

How about if you get all work-related alerts and reminders on your mobile phone? Wouldn’t it be more prosperous for being updated?

We at People® have created something keeping your workload in mind! People® is one of those HRMS, which incorporates multiple features to make your daily work ventures simple and easy.

With People® mobile app, you no longer have to depend on your email reminders or the sticky notes. Rather, you can get all work-related alerts and reminders right on your phone!

With People®, you will never skip another appraisal, back to work interview, or birthday ever again! Your work process will now be simplified as People® is designed for you to be stress-free and work error-free.

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The best HRMS that offers you great Payroll features!

We all use software for our daily Payroll work. However, to get things right with fast results, we all need to have a system that can be operated from anywhere with some outstanding features to calculate figures automatically and error-free.

Hence, we designed People® for your daily HR activities. People® not just helps you with regular HR work, but it is known as one of the best Software for Payroll management.

Listed below are some amazing features that People® offers you to simplify your Payroll process!

1) Salary Structure Management: India’s most trusted Payroll Software that offers you the best Configurable salary structure!

2) TDS Calculations: Why waste time in manual calculations when you can do Automatic TDS calculation as per the latest income tax rules! We also offer ready-made Provisional form 16 to make your work easier!

3) TDS Declaration: Get the steps with complete guidance of the TDS Declaration process and submit investment and proposals in a single click!

4) Salary Loan & Recovery: Help your employees with loans based on the salary amounts and have easy recovery by setting flexible dates. Helps you keep a record when you offer your employees with Salary Loan! You can also check the recovery status in a single click!

5) Payroll Generation: People® has made the Payroll process easier and accurate. A perfect HRMS for Payroll Generation!

6) Payroll MIS: One single feature that helps you generate Salary Slips, Relieving Letter, Full and Final (FnF) Letters, helps you maintain the Attendance Register, and guides you with the easiest way to create and maintain the Salary Register!

7) Compliance Documents: Making it easy for documentation and management of PF, ESIC, LWF which is the most critical part of statutory payroll deductions and statutory employee deductions. People® will help you with PT Challan, TDS Challan, LWF Challan, ESIC Challan Import File, EPF ECR Import File, TDS Quarterly Returns with Form 24Q and Form 26Q, PF monthly and yearly returns, and ESIC monthly and yearly returns!  

All this in a single HRMS! People® is known to make the HR process simple and effective with zero errors! Hurry! Click to get more details!