Alerts and Reminders with People®!

We usually work on multiple assignments in our work life. Hence we are used to setting alerts and reminders using email alerts or putting sticky notes on our desktop.

However, is this the only method of being alert on each assignment?

How about if you get all work-related alerts and reminders on your mobile phone? Wouldn’t it be more prosperous for being updated?

We at People® have created something keeping your workload in mind! People® is one of those HRMS, which incorporates multiple features to make your daily work ventures simple and easy.

With People® mobile app, you no longer have to depend on your email reminders or the sticky notes. Rather, you can get all work-related alerts and reminders right on your phone!

With People®, you will never skip another appraisal, back to work interview, or birthday ever again! Your work process will now be simplified as People® is designed for you to be stress-free and work error-free.

People® is used by 6000+ companies worldwide! So why wait? Click to know more!

September 8, 2020  

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